Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Security World Asia-Pacific will be the new economic CCAC2008

7-9 June 2008, China Fourth China Engineering Analysis CAE Technology Conference (CCAC 2008) opened in Xi'an. As the largest CAE technology and service provider safety and the world will bring many of its Asia Pacific Star products and self-developed innovative technology at the collection of simulation, virtual reality technology, the latest event, the participants complete product solutions. Sincerely look forward to your visit and guide.

The annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Security unveiled the world's major products will be business led collaborative simulation platform PERA, bring your new lean R & D concept. And will include mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid system of the three products and aerospace, electronic power, petrochemical, automotive, marine and other industries covering all areas of simulation solutions for the industry.

Then, from the Security World Asia-Pacific technical experts will visit the venue, through the brilliant presentation of thematic reports show the company's strong product features, and on industry hot topics and the participants discussed in depth.

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